About me

Hello World! I am a PhD student at University of British Columbia working on Artificial Intelligence and Robotics. I am currently based in Canada, Vancouver. My work focuses on robot generalisation and adaptation in both physical and cognitive aspects.

I am proud to present some of my research work and …

… some cool stuff I did

Automatic Animation Generator for Data Structures (Sept 2020 - Dec 2020)

  • Honorable mentioned Software Engineering Group Project

  • Above examples are beautifully generated animations only by the minimal code shown
  • Automatically generates animation for data structures and algorithms
  • Agile development with iterative feedback from users
  • Key Frameworks: Python, PyQT, Language specific designs, Manim library
  • Code

DoC Outreach Tracker (June 2020 - July 2020)

  • Top 5 Design-For-Real-People project across cohort

  • A centralised platform for outreach activities in the Department of Computing
  • Agile development with iterative feedback from users
  • Key Frameworks: Flask, SQL, LDAP, JavaScript
  • Video

Multi-Functional Rover (May 2019 - June 2019)

  • Top 5 C language project across cohort

  • A drawing rover that can be controlled via multiple mediums
  • Raspberry Pi with Wifi and Bluetooth connections
  • Front end web app using NodeJS to schedule rover routine
  • Intuitive joystick control via Bluetooth connection
  • L-system algorithm implementation in C